Milestone Digital

Software Engineer/Computer Programmer-Analyst

Software Engineer/Computer Programmer-Analyst

Full Time

9 am - 5 pm

Job Description

The duties of the professional position include Review Business User requests, developing, testing and documenting computer programs. This entails evaluating design requests, user requests for new or modified programs, compatibility with existing systems and computer capabilities: consulting with the user to identify current operating procedures and clarify program objectives; formulating plans; submitting plans to the user for approval, preparing flow charts and diagrams to illustrate a sequence of steps program must follow and describe logical steps for coding and computer language.

In addition, the individual possesses years of experience and at least a bachelor’s degree. In addition, this professional position requires specialized knowledge of designing business solutions using Graphical User Interface tools, under WINDOWS environment, and knowledge of Client-Server concepts and Relational Databases. The duties described would be performed under the supervision and guidance of a Project Manager/Leader.