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What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is automation of repetitive tasks and processes that would normally require humans by mimicking user actions in a computer, like mouse clicks & screen reads etc. The typical tasks varies from simple extracting information from digital documents to complex financial activities like automated vendor payments.

Implemented well, RPA removes mundane tasks from organizations & increases performance, efficiency and customer experience. RPA combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) capabilities can bring tangible ROIs in a shorter span of time. RPA is a non-invasive technology making system integrations a breeze, helps in cutting costs and time in moving data across multiple technology systems.

Our award winning team with in-depth knowledge of Intelligent Process Automation understands your business processes & enterprise needs to create a tailor-made solution combining RPA & AI platforms.

Why Automate?
  • 1

    Improved Efficiency

  • 2

    Greater Productivity

  • 3

    Skill Distribution

  • 4

    Eradicate Human Error

  • 5

    Insights and Analytics

RPA Use Cases

Robotic Process Automation has uses across industries. Its versatility allows it to be implemented for a number of functions across sectors and processes. Some industries such as financial services and healthcare are already early adopters of the technology. With the global shift towards digital technologies across industries, RPA will play a key role in automating and scaling businesses. We can implement robotic process automation for your business, to automate a combination of any of the below broadly classified functions

According to a global survey conducted by ServiceNow in 2017, about 86% companies are expected to hit their breaking point and will require intelligent automation to help them keep up, by the year 2020. The inevitability of it aside, there are various benefits to automating your business processes as much as possible. Some of the key benefits of automation are

Increased Compliance

Improved data logs and process tracking results in increased compliance and identifying compliance related issues.

Lower Attrition
Save Cost

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