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Sales Intelligence

Welcome to our web-based integrated centralized customer relationship management application which will allow you to track and store potential list of clients. With the growing list of clients, it can become very painful to manage and track the progress of each client.
Let our CRM tool manage this for you so that you can view them all at once and see the progress and drive more revenue. This intuitive platform will allow any business leaders, sales executive to view each opportunity, track them via our reporting and close them in timely manner.

Billing plugin

A customized data-driven tool to pull data from legacy applications, combine with contracted pricing data for streamlined invoicing with detailed reports.

Delivery Portal (Print & Ship)

Delivery Portal is a sophisticated web-based application which helps our clients manage their print and ship operations in a streamlined and automated fashion. This application offers real time monitoring and tracking of the package along with rich reporting and pullback feature.
Delivery Portal will help you take care of most critical documents to be sent to your customers seamlessly and stay in compliance. This fully integrated platform will let you control your print and ship operations effectively and driving revenue.