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Product Design

Product Design

Product design means a lot more than what the name implies. Designing a new idea or invention is not merely about it’s physical form; it involves problem solving to improve the quality of a new or existing product and enhance the end user experience.

Product designers are not just the individuals who make your product presentable; they help you identify, examine, and validate the problem your product addresses, then craft, design, test, and deliver the solution.

Product Design Process
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    Concept Development

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    Aesthetics and Styling

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    Computer-Aided Design and Mechanical Design

The Science of Design & The Design of Science

Fundamentally, our work is also about humanising technology. We put the user experience at the heart of an innovation, building-in simplicity and making new technology more accessible. After all, products which are delightfully simple to use are more likely to be adopted and recommended to others.

Milestone’s designers visualize the needs of the user and work on all stages of the product design process from research and initial concepts to manufacturing, until it becomes a tangible product. We tailor every solution to the individual client. If you require concept development only, full product design, turnkey production, licensing, or marketing support, we can help.

Product design

We work along with your team to design, test and launch digital products with your users in mind.

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