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To start developing a PoC, a development company needs nothing more than an initial understanding of the project and its purpose. Our business analysts, architects, and engineers can help you crystalize the concept and conduct research to find out if your idea strikes a chord with the target audience. After that, they can validate that this idea can be brought to life from the technical perspective, taking into account the available budget and time. From here, they can find the most efficient technology stack and strategy to attain the desired outcome.

A Proof of Concept can generally be used in early development cycle of a software or to sell the concept of the software. Validation of technical feasibility, identification of the possible expectations from a platform, identification of potential stumbling blocks and determination of the scope and customization level required necessarily to complete a project are some of the concepts of early development cycle of a software where PoC can be used.

Software developers can also use PoC to identify performance issues of the project. These days most of the software developers assemble various applications and solutions by using the functions and services offered by other applications and using certain integration methods.

PoC Feasibility In Areas:
  • 1

    Legal and Insurance policies

  • 2

    Identity management

  • 3

    Medical and Health records

  • 4

    File Storage

  • 5

    Identity security

Analysing The Viability Of Your Product

Proof of Concept development is the process of building a PoC. A PoC is an effective tool that works to validate a proposed idea in software.

A PoC verifies whether specific concepts are compatible with real-world business applications. Our PoC development services team have created many of these demonstrations in the form of mock-ups for a broad range of industries with varying levels of need and expectation.

Week Zero

For your idea to become a viable project, you first need to prove the need for it. Whether it is an internal business case which improves productivity or efficiency, or a new product to increase your overall market, the most critical data for your idea at this stage is viability. We help you deconstruct your concept into its main parts first to differentiate the goals/problems of the idea from the solutions. Generally, the two are tangled up. Our structured discussion and brainstorming model helps you understand your idea much better.


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Our Methods in PoC Development


Need analysis

User interview and research

Problem identification


Solution mapping

Technical feasibility study

High prototype development


Concept development

User journey maps



Visual design

Prototype development

Click through prototype


Core feature

Add-ons listing

Sprint planning

Rapid development

Rapid deployment

MVP testing

MVP feedback


Architecture design

Code reviews

Develop new functionality

Provide best practices

Fast and inspiring start

Attention to support issues

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